Banana Coarse Cut, Organic

Origin: Sri lanka
Organic Dried Fruits / Berries
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Organic Way's Banana Coarse Cut are light snacks with low calories. The are dehydrated to a point where the shelf life is increased so that hikers, bodybuilders and people on a strict diet can use them as a quick source of calories and simple carbs. 

The crunchy healthy snack is also a ready-to-eat nutritional add-on for milk, and also contain less sugar and sodium in comparison to several other kinds of ready-to-eat foods. 

Banana Coarse Cut by Organic Way is dehydrated, fried in oil and cooked with a syrup that add to the nutrition the product contains.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Did You Know?
Banana Coarse contain protein, fiber, sugar, iron, calories, along with the fantastic taste and they are nearly fat-free after dehydration.

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