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Lime tree or basswood (Tilia cordiata, for the most common species) is a large tree that belongs to the Tiliaceae family that grows in forests throughout Europe and North America, and is often encountered in our parks and urban gardens.

Also known as Linden Flowers, Lime Flowers have a long history of use in European Traditional Medicine. Linden Flower tea has been called the "nectar of kings" since ancient times, due to its comprehensive and impressive health benefits. These delicately sweet scented flowers were used as an expectorant to treat colds, flu and coughs and were extensively used in the Middle Ages as a diaphoretic (to promote sweating to break a fever).

Said to “Gladden the Heart”, Lime Flowers are a well known anti-depressant, sedative and relaxant, and as such have been used for centuries to treat anxiety, sleep disorders and “hysteria”.

Linden Flowers were also used topically to treat skin ailments such as eczema, rashes, wounds and bruises.

Lime Tea:

Lime flowers are a very common natural remedy for both mental and physical relaxation and is a favourite among Relaxing Herbal Teas.

Lime tea or Linden tea is made from the flowers of some species of the Tilia genus, deciduous trees of the Malvaceae family.

To make Lime Flowers tea steep 1 to 3 teaspoons of the herb mixture in 1 cup of boiling hot water for 5 to 15 minutes.

Health Benefits:

- Lime flower tea helps reduce nervousness, tension, and mild anxiety states.
- Lime flowers help lower blood pressure.
- The antispasmodic properties of lime flowers are very beneficial to athletes and very active people, and in case of intense physical efforts.
- Lime flowers contribute to reducing the symptoms of cold and flu.
- Lime flowers have diuretic and cleansing properties.
- Linden has antispasmodic effects which help soothe the digestive tract and prevent abdominal bloating.


Today, lime is used for many purposes. First, it is used for woodworking and in the field of perfumery. Secondly, lime honey is produced and the flowers and seeds, which are edible, are consumed. Finally, the benefits of the lime tree allow its use in alternative medicine.

Flowers and young basswood leaves can be incorporated into mixed salads, but the tasty flowers are what most people dote on savored in infusions.

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