Pineapple Coarse Cut, Organic

Origin: Sri lanka
Organic Dried Fruits / Berries
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Organic Way’s Pineapple dries (Pineapple Coarse Cut) carries vitamins and minerals that help improve certain health conditions. The item not only serves as a snack but also regulates blood pressure, prevents constipation and helps in reducing blood glucose levels. Healthcare practitioners also recommend dried pineapple to prevent asthma.

Packed with fiber, vitamin B1, B6 and iron, our pineapple dries can actually help you reach your fitness goals faster. It can help in reducing bad cholesterol, calories and to boost your immune system. This healthy yet tasty snack is certainly something you must have regularly.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Did You Know?

Pineapple dries have anti-inflammatory properties. The healthy candy-like treat helps in recovering from sport injuries and should be consumed post-surgery for faster healing.

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